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Transform Your Future


Imagine your child graduating from high school with skills that set them apart, giving them an edge to succeed in whatever path they choose.

Imagine your child graduating from high school with up to one full year of college credits.

Now, imagine your child has completed a course of study, while still in high school, that gives them a unique ability to succeed in their college career, and beyond.

CREC Academy of Computer Science & Engineering (Comp Sci High) is a place where these visions can become a reality for your child.

We provide a curriculum that offers students a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn and apply 21st Century skills.

Your Seat Is Waiting For You!


At Comp Sci High, we have at least DOUBLE the number of available student seats than other CREC high schools.

What does this mean? Your seat is waiting for you! 

Our Core Curriculum is Based on Connecting Four Areas of Focus 

Computer Science

In today’s world, coding is as important as reading, writing, and arithmetic. The ability to create code or to use code to problem solve is an asset that can be used in multiple career pathways. Coding requires logical, computational thinking while encouraging creativity and teamwork. The skills developed while learning to code empower students to solve complex problems, foster perseverance, and confront the major issues of their lifetime.

Engineering and Design

At Comp Sci High, students learn the Stanford Design Thinking process. Business and industry leaders use Design Thinking to develop the most successful technology products, like smartphones, personal devices, software, video games, and virtual reality. Our students master the collaborative and creative skills colleges and employers want.


At Comp Sci High, our Entrepreneurship courses develop the skills that will make students successful in any career. Our student entrepreneurs are leaders, creative designers, and problem solvers. They are open-minded, flexible, and great decision-makers. Most of all, they’re determined and courageous. Our students create new products, learn how to bring them to market, and discover that their work has tremendous value.

Social & Community Impact

In a world that revolves around computers, we believe technology can be developed to promote positive social impact. Comp Sci High students participate in real-world projects designing and creating new ethical and inclusive products. Their work sparks the start of new businesses, removes barriers to access, and makes the world a better place.

Learning Now For
Success Tomorrow

What kinds of careers can our students anticipate? Technology changes so quickly, 65% of the jobs our students will have don’t exist yet! Students at Comp Sci High will learn the skills they need to adapt and flourish.

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About Comp Sci High

Comp Sci High is located in Enfield, CT, just minutes from I-91, and conveniently located to Hartford and the surrounding communities. Comp Sci High is a grade 9-12 magnet high school, and part of the CREC schools of excellence.

A School of Excellence

At Comp Sci High, we educate our students to understand their individual role in helping to eliminate opportunity gaps, addressing inequity in all its forms.

Our students graduate knowing that technology they design themselves can have a lasting impact for good.

Every day our students, faculty, and staff strive for excellence. We build relationships with each other and with the wider community to create a school where students feel connected and achieve their goals.

Our students are empowered to be courageous in their pursuit of excellence within themselves. We can’t wait to see what they create.

Education for a world that revolves around technology, social justice, and creativity.

Does your child attend CREC Academy of Computer Science and Engineering Middle School?

Take Advantage of Our
Direct Pathway Acceptance

Academy of Computer Science and Engineering Middle School 8th grade students have a direct pathway option to attend 9th grade at Academy of Computer Science and Engineering High School.

To be considered for this direct pathway placement, you must submit an on-time  RSCO online application with the Academy of Computer Science and Engineering High School as your first choice.

Have a question about the process? Give us a call at (860)-253-0274

The Academy of Computer Science and Engineering, operated by the Capitol Region Education Council, is part of the Regional School Choice Office’s (RSCO) network of 43 magnet schools. RSCO is the office established by the Connecticut State Department of Education to serve as a centralized resource for information about the Greater Hartford Region’s unique, high-quality public school choice options for prekindergarten through grade 12. The RSCO School Choice System offers students a wide array of school choice options and brings together families from over 80 towns in diverse and engaging learning environments.

RSCO also manages the application and placement process for these schools. Prospective students must apply through RSCO’s easy-to-use online application platform that allows parents/guardians to manage applications for all their children. Families only need to create one RSCO account and should use the same account each year to submit applications.

Check out, the RSCO School and Program Information Website, to learn more about the School Choice Application process and APPLY to our school!

RSCO School Choice Applications

The on-time application period for the 2024-2025 school year opens on December 4th, 2023, and closes on March 15th, 2024. The extended application period is open from April 10, 2024, through July 19, 2024. Submitting an application during the on-time period is one of the best ways to increase the chance of a placement offer.

Visit to apply to our school!

Developing marketable skills now to carry into the future. Want to learn more?

Placement Priorities for the Academy of Computer Science and Engineering

The following priorities are used in the placement process and can increase the chance of a placement if our school has available seats. To receive priority, you must apply during the on-time application period and make the school your first choice. Applicants receive priority in the order listed below.
• Direct Pathway: Academy of Computer Science and Engineering Middle School
• Enrolled Sibling
• Placed Sibling
• Employee/Staff
• Pathway School: Ana Grace Academy of the Arts School
• Residential Neighborhood (Enfield)

Placement Announcements

Placement announcements are made in early April and continue biweekly, as seats are made available, through September. No magnet school placements are made after October 1.

Once an applicant receives a placement offer, they must complete registration within the timeframe provided. Failure to register will result in the placement offer being administratively declined and the seat will be offered to another applicant on the waitlist.

Learn More About Comp Sci High

Our Facility

As a four-year college preparatory high school, we offer our students a state-of-the-art facility on which to learn and develop their skills for the future.


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